Saturday, March 24, 2007

Step Note #3.24.2007.b


The snake. Why pick the reptilian as a symbol for independence and freedom?

Isn't the snake a symbol of evil?

Or does it symbolize the essence of fighting for one's life? Of being backed into a corner and hissing a warning. Don't tread on me. If you do there is no telling how I'll respond. I'm fast and deadly. I don't stop for second thoughts. Once I've made up my mind, that's it.

And then again, what's up with that menage a trois thing between Adam, Eve and the Snake in the Garden of Eden?

Did you ever step back and think on that? Why is always a threesome? And why do they hang around by a tree? A Tree of Knowledge or is it one that teaches the secrets of No-Ledge? Hmmm... Attention Lemmings. You are hereby warned to stay away from the Ledge. Signed, your master, The Snake.

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Anonymous said...

The symbolism is about the spirit of the American Revolution. I don't think it's accurate enough to simply call it patriotic, since everyone these days calls their own ideas about country "patriotic".

The rattlesnake combined with "Don't Tread On Me" on a bright yellow background is known as the Gadsden flag, named after Christopher Gadsden. He led militia troops during the Revolution for American independence.

The symbolism here is that the rattlesnake was only found in North America at the time, and so was uniquely American; but more importantly, it was the demeanor of this creature which represented American attitude. That attitude is one of independence and a reverence for being left alone. When one encroaches on the territory of a rattlesnake, they are given unmistakable warning by the "rattling of her tail". Also, in conflict she "never begins it, never but once engaged," she "never surrenders, showing the fangs of rage."

This exemplifies the early American attitude that we don't care to interefere with each other, but if someone comes to interefere with us, we will give ample warning, and if it comes to a fight, it will likely prove deadly. Hence the caution in the flag's yellow background and simple command: Don't Tread On Me.

We would do well in the U.S., while we still have the chance, to adopt this sort of defiant and independent disposition. Not just in regards to other nations, but as individuals, and to anyone who dares encroach on our sacred liberties.