Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Sticks and stones May break my bones, But [Framed] Words Will never harm me.

How often have you heard that one?

It's an example of a Truthie-Lie. Something that appears to be true, but on closer inspection, contains a lie. ("I dare ya to bike down Peril's Path without a helmet or pads. What are ya? Chicken?") Of course words will sometimes harm you.

Words will harm you most when they are framed to seem innocuous. Truthie-Lies are framed to conceal their embedded lies. They fool you into believing their asserted truths and into suspending your skeptisism over the mixed message contained within.

It is unquestionably so that Sticks & Stones "MAY" break your bones. Nothing too committal there except that they just bribed you with a rhyme chime between the words "bones" and "stones" and a double alliteration (S & S plus B &B) and a set up for third "B" in the "But" kicker.